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the light that you shine

(did you know?)

9 June

acting, adam pascal, aging, alien ant farm, art supplies, atcs, avocadoes, beatles, beck, being barefoot, being scared, ben folds, bif naked, boxelder, bracelets, broadway, charles bukowski, chopsticks, coldplay, comedy, counting crows, dancing in the rain, dark humor, dave matthews, debates, demetri martin, diabetes, directing, donnie darko, doodling, drama, dumb jokes, earrings, eels, english class, everyday objects, feathers, finding things, fire, fish, flipping people off, foot racing, found, found objects, functional art, grafitti, green, grey's anatomy, guerilla art, guerilla poetry, haiku, hamsters, hating cedar point, horror films, incubus, jake gyllenhaal, jimmy eat world, judd nelson, kara's flowers, la cage aux folles, law and order, louis xiv, making lists, mariska hargitay, maroon 5, monty python, musicals, neopets, nervousness.org, neurotically yours, nightmare before christmas, northern sun, not using emoticons, organizing, origami, our lady peace, owls, pagan, pajamas, paranormal, pavement, penpals, pilz-e, playing in the kitchen, poetry, postcardx, puddles, quotes, radio free roscoe, rain, reading, rent, rosario dawson, rx bandits, salt and vinegar chips, san-x, shadows, shaggy hair, singing badly, snow patrol, something corporate, sondre lerche, spanish, speaking spanglish, storms, straylight run, sublime, the breakfast club, the loft, the white stripes, theatre, thrift stores, thunder, tim burton, trash, travelling by car, treasure, unwritten law, weeping willows, weezer, wicked, witty insults, writing, zines